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About Pernille

From childhood on, creativity and an interest in design have played a big role in Pernille Bülow’s life. She has always designed and created jewellery and sculptures from all sorts of materials, from metal, bones and flowers to cut off beach shards. Already as a 10-year-old she sold her creations from a booth on the road in front of her childhood home.

Her passion for hot glass became a reality after a visit to Holmegaard's Glassworks. "Glass is an amazing material. The contrast between the flexible, soft, warm glass and the hard and cold never stops fascinating and inspiring me," says Pernille.

Pernille Bülow was trained to be a glass-blower in 1982 at Orrefors Glasskola in Sweden. Then she moved to Bornholm, where she worked at Baltic Sea Glass. In 1985, she started as an independent tenant of Snogebæk Glashytte. In 1989, she opened her glass workshop and gallery Pernille Bülow Glas in Svaneke on Bornholm.

Design company with continuous growth
Pernille Bülow's design is simple and strong in its expression. It exudes style and individual possibilities. It is exclusive glass design with distinctive features of humour and function.

She received the Formland award for the first time in 1991 for her Chess series, and in 1997 she received it again for the soft bowl dish.
There has been a lot of development in Pernille Bülow A/S. Back in 2003, Pernille started a new store concept. A lifestyle store in Snogebæk, which now has Bülow Design and Bülow Jewellery as well as fashion clothes from some of the country's leading brands. 

In 2005, Pernille Bülow started a fair-trade collaboration with single mothers in the Koforidua area of Ghana. Pernille designs the jewellery and the women in Ghana produce it – as well as a good deal of the beads. The jewellery is, therefore, a beautiful mix of Scandinavian design and African joy of life. It's jewellery with character, beauty and a great story about making a difference. The women receive a significantly higher daily salary than usual, and can therefore now send their children to school and improve their families’ living conditions significantly.

In 2007 and 2008, Pernille Bülow designed a unique piece of sunshine for the Danish Cancer Society's solar campaign "Turn down the sun between 12 & 15". The jewellery was produced by the Ghanaian women and the surplus went to the Danish Cancer Society.

In 2009, the workshop concept "Pernille Bülow By You" was started. Here you can become a part of Pernille's glass universe and self-blast and decorate on glass of your choice, thus creating your very own unique design. A great activity for both children and adults.

In 2019, Pernille celebrateds its 30th anniversary at Glastorvet in Svaneke – the whole year various events and anniversary products in limited edition were offered.