Sustainable drinking glasses, bowls, lamps and more in recycled glass - explore our ReUse collection here!

About us

Pernille Bülow A / S is a creative and dynamic designcompany that constantly works on developing new and exciting products with glass as the primary raw material.

At Glastorvet in Svaneke you will find the open workshop, where the glassblowers are working every day. Our entire  Handmade collection is displayed here in our own gallery. Here you can closely follow the exciting process the glass undergoes while being shaped into Pernille's different designs. Come and see how the liquid glass pulp is collected from a pot in a 1120 degree hot furnace and then blown into wooden moulds or shaped with wet newspaper pads, steel tweezers or paddles.

The  Design line is a simple and stylish design series of glass products designed by Pernille Bülow and produced abroad. Sandblasting and grinding are carried out at our workshop in Bornholm. The design series is also sold in our summer shops in Snogebæk, Allinge and Boderne.

At Pernille Bülow we reuse and recycle all the glass we possibly can, to make different sustainable glass products. For our Recycle collection, we sort all the waste glass from our regular production in the glass workshop by colour. We remelt this and can then produce 100% recycled products and minimize waste. Not two fusions are the same, and we can, therefore, create unique, handmade products with variations not only in shape but also in colour. The ReUse collection is a collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry: Each year, we receive large amounts of borosilicate glass, which we then remelt and shape into craft products. This glass reacts differently from the glass we normally use in our glass workshop, and therefore has many small bubbles in the design.

It is an important part of our business policy and vision to balance business success with social and environmental responsibility. We are, therefore, very proud of our successful fair-trade project " Pernille Bülow Jewellery" that has existed since 2005.

At  Pernille Bülow By You, your whole family can spend a wonderfully creative day, making your own unique glass design. It's easy, fun and inspiring - a great experience for the whole family.