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SKY ceramic lamps - glass and ceramic in perfect harmony

Handmade ceramic lamps with mouth-blown glass bubbles in organic shapes that vary from piece to piece, making every single lamp unique. The table lamps are made in collaboration with the ceramic artist Ejnar Paulsen from Bornholm. 

The SKY ceramic lamps are inspired by our popular SKY pendulum lamp – a modern design lamp with a focus on aesthetic craftsmanship. The SKY bubble is designed by Pernille Bülow and mouth-blown at our workshop in Svaneke on Bornholm. The ceramic base is designed by Ejnar Paulsen and handmade at his workshop in Svaneke on Bornholm. 

Our mouth-blown glass lamps are for you who appreciates authentic craftsmanship and Danish design. The unconventional shapes give each model its own personality, which cannot be achieved in factory production.

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