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ReUse morgenmadsskål i genbrugsglas - designet af Pernille Bülow
ReUse bowl
ReUse bowl
ReUse bowl
ReUse drikkeglas i genbrugsglas - designet af Pernille Bülow

ReUse bowl

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Unique, mouth-blown bowl made of recycled glass, designed by Pernille Bülow and handmade at our workshop in Nexø, Bornholm.

The ReUse collection is made of waste glass from Novo Nordisk. They have large amounts of excess borosilicate glass from their diabetes drug production, which they used to dispose of. But we have found a way to remelt it and shape it into beautiful objects.

The borosilicate glass reacts differently from the glass we normally use, and therefore there are a lot of small bubbles in it.

Diameter: approx. 14.5 cm

Height: approx. 5 cm

Suitable for breakfast cereals, soups, desserts or as small serving bowl. Matches the ReUse drinking glasses.

Please note that the photo is indicative! Each bowl is unique, and due to the bubbles in the glass they will vary in size and shape.

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